Links and Blogs- All you need to know about System Built Homes from people other then us

http://www.modularhomecoach.com/ a great site for information

http://www.bobvila.com/articles/473-selecting-modular-home-builders-and-manufacturers/#.UtlGV7ROmUk a household name and trusted resource

http://www.capsyscorp.com/nextlevelbuilding/  see how the industry is expanding the value of system built construction to commercial applications

http://www.modular.org/  industry news from inside the industry

Now for a little of the ugly side and why you need to be carefull when selecting a modular home dealer/builder for your house, It is sad but there is a lot of this even on my street. It is equally true in the site built industry, this should not scare you but it should make you mindful of the deal that seems to good to be true




Has Anyone Had a Problem with Valued Homes (Fort Edward )

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