Cost of Modular Homes: Sample Pricing

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Sample Pricing (Delivered-Set and Finished)

If you have done any shopping so far, you have no doubt found that getting prices can be very difficult. For us to live up to our home page manifesto we felt compelled to post a model price list. However, you must understand that these are ballpark prices and we hate ballpark prices. Ballparks only get us in trouble.

If we Ballpark to Low

Then we work together for a couple of weeks and get a better understanding of what you really want in the house, and when the solid quote comes in higher you are annoyed that we have tried to bait and switch you.

If we Ballpark to High

Then you will quickly decide that we are too expensive or not competitive, and you will move on to another dealer that is willing to ballpark too low.

Range Pricing

On the enclosed price sheets you will get three numbers for each house design. The bottom number is meeting the code minimums with no upgrades. The middle number is with the upgrades we find most customers want on each model. The high number is if we go all out on every feature of the house including both interior and exterior finishes.


Keep in mind that we have other home options in different price brackets. Also see our Prices Page on the Information Tab for more information on the rest of the construction cost.

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