Custom Manufactured Homes: Getting The Big Picture

Basement Vs Crawl Space (+/- $10,000)Garage or No Garage (+/- $15,000Excavation (+/- $20 to $50,000

Septic System (+/- $20,000)

Porch or No Porch (+/- $10 to $20,000

Walk Out Basement (+/- $10,000

Tile Vs. Linoleum (+/- $1,500)Pella Vs. M & W Win(+/- $3,000)Cherry Vs. Oak Cabs(+/- $2,500)

Stainless Steel Vs. White Appliance Package (+/- 1,500)

Wood Vs. Carpet (+/-$3,500)

Garden Tub Vs. Tub/Shower (+/- $700)

Total Values $125,000Total Values $12,700

Where do you think you should focus your efforts?

We talk with people every day about their dream homes. Our goal is to help you through this process.

Chances are that the last time you purchased a home it was already built. And you’ve spent lots of time and money making changes to the finishes to make it “your home”. So now when shopping for a new home, your focus is on finishes and not on the house itself.

If you really think about it, 90% of your investment has been in the house, land, etc. You have probably spent less than 10% on finish work.

The time and effort you put into purchasing a new home should reflect the same proportions. 90% of your time and effort should be spent on “the big picture”, with less than 10% on options and finishes.

Use our Budget Worksheet to help with the big picture cost and the sliding scale cost per square foot to cover finish level tastes.

Start Black and White, and We Will Add the Color Later.

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