Avoid Mistakes With An Experienced Manufactured Home Builder!

Buy a house from a builder/dealer just because they have a design you like.
The good news is you found a design you really like and now you know what you want. But the guy who has it on his lot might have turned the last 10 customers’ dreams into nightmares; is that what you want? Any good builder can build you the same house. So get as much info as you can and, now that you finished shopping for your home, shop for your builder.

Go shopping for house prices to find out who is the cheapest dealer.
If one dealer has a really low price, make sure you ask what’s included in that price. We all buy at similar prices, and sell with similar margins, because we price against each other every day. There are no DEALS on houses. There is only GOOD, GREAT and CHEAP. Fortunately, we can offer you all of them.

Fall for the “be your own GC and save a bunch” trick.
This is a myth perpetuated by DEALERS who want to sell you a house, take your money, and then leave you to figure out all the things you left out. Check out our pricing information, for more information.

Confuse a Modular with a Mobile home built to Modular specifications.
The mobile home companies have started building their home designs to meet the standard residential building codes instead of the HUD code the Mobile homes fall under. These are great homes for an outstanding price. However, they are designed to go on a crawl space because the heating system does not have the capacity to heat the basement area. That leaves you with a cold basement which has many pit falls up here in the North Country that no one wants. If you want a crawl space only, I highly recommend these houses. Never put one on a basement.

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