3 Steps To Your Custom Modular Home

They say the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.
We apply that same theory to building a new home.

1.) What Do You Want?

DO NOT – Look at houses as a whole; look at them in pieces- this kitchen, that bedroom, this floor plan, these style windows, this look from the outside. Keep them in your mind like puzzle pieces in a bag you carry around.

DO – Use model homes to get a feel for room sizes and floor plan styles that you can apply when looking at plans.
DO – Remember that every home becomes a custom design and rooms can be added or removed, enlarged or shrunken etc. MODELS and PLANS are used to give you ideas, but every house should be exactly the way you want it when you build it.

2.) What You Can Afford?

DO NOT – Run around asking how much is this one or that one- if you get an answer it will be useless because what you want is the total construction price – No builder can give you that without first getting a lot of specific details.

DO – Work backwards from your total budget to determine what size house fits into your budget.

3.) Who will build your House? (the most important decision you will make…….)

DO NOT– Fall in love with a lot model you walk through and buy it from that dealer without finding out his reputation. A great house can be turned into a nightmare by a bad builder.
DO – Take a look at the way a business is run and the people that are there, get a feel for them, ask lots of questions and get quality references before you decide to let someone build your house. (Ask Us How)

Now bring your puzzle pieces to your top builder choices – Lay the pieces on his desk and challenge him to the task of putting them together within your budget limits.

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