Budget Worksheet: Which Modular Home Prices Work For You?

This is our customers favorite Tool……….Your gonna love it too

Let me explain why…………..

When I first started building modular homes we made the same mistakes with our customers over and over and both of us got frustrated every time. The mistake was this, you came to see us to figure out your home needs, we would work with the customer and design their dream home.  After weeks of detailing every last piece of that home, watching our customers slowly fall in love with their new dream we would add the rest of the cost associated with it, Land, Driveway, Septic, Power, Water, Garage, Heating System, Porches, Decks, Landscaping etc and every time the same thing happened.  We had exceeded their goal budget and they had to make the decision of do we spend way more then we wanted to, or start all over and design a new house that is less then we had dreamed.  Neither option is appealing.

So my guidance to every one is this…………

Define your budget in the beginning, let your budget define the size of your house (price = size) and then dream all the things you want as you look at houses and plans and pictures.  We will figure out how to bring your Budget and your Dream together by designing a house the meets both.

This Budget worksheet is where to start that process

View our Budget Worksheet (PDF)

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