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Meet The Staff AT MH Imperial Homes

My name is Greg Hewlett and I have been the owner/operator of MH Imperial Homes for 10+ years. Traditionally, in an “about us”page you will find one one of those nice professionally done “Head Shots” of the proprietor and each staff member, however, I have never taken the time to have one of those done, and I am not sure I ever will.  The truth is it is just not me. The pictures I have put up are a far more accurate representation of who I am.

Away from my office I can usually be found outside with my family.  I have been married for 20 amazing years and am a father of two girls.  We are a pretty normal family that has evolved with our children’s growth from the days of watching them in the pool and on the fields playing youth sports to today chasing them off to college and waiting for them to return.  As a family we love to spend time on the lake in the summer and in the mountains in the winter which is why we chose to live here in the Adirondacks. These mountains are what we call home, and we are thankful that we have found our own way to make a living here so we can keep our roots.

Professionally I have been in and around the construction industry almost my whole life.  My Grandfather and my Father owned and operated the areas leading commercial construction firm from 1937- to 1998 when my father was taken from us  by cancer.  Many of our areas landmark buildings have their fingerprints on them.  I grew up working in the field and had the good fortune of learning the trades from a number of “old school” carpenters, masons, operators and mechanics and gained the knowledge that I still employ everyday.  I also got the chance to learn the business side of the construction business as I got older. I have found, many contractors with amazing field skills, fall short as builders, because they never learned the science of estimating, the art of solid contracts and how to commit to a number with their customers. I believe our ability to do that sets us apart from even the best of them.

I came to modular homes by mistake.  I like many people saw them as second rate because of their history of hard luck story and poor construction. However, when I was first exposed to them I could see right away, they were better built homes with tremendous value, that sadly were most often put together by inexperienced and unskilled people taking a great home and turning it into a piece of junk.  I am a believer that in a free market society real value will always find its place in the market.  So I jumped in with both feet and I am happy to say that to date, I have been right.  Our customers love the quality and detail of our work, our direct honesty over salesmanship and we have built a reputation for building exceptional homes that meet the needs of customers for far better value then anyone else in the industry today.

We pride ourselves on making sure everyone of our customers, is a future reference and we were hard from the first time we meet people to set that tone.

Meet Candace, (sorry she is to shy for a picture)

Nothing gives me greater pleasure then to help others grow and develop professionally.  Candace started with us primarily as a receptionist and back office functions manager, but now plays an intrical role on our customer relations.  Some people just get it.  I have had people in my office for years and listened to me talk to customers about our homes and the process hundreds of times and still not be able to create the same dialogue.  Candace seemed to pick it up immediately and I knew before long she would be taking on more.  She has a great eye for decorating so once we get to the point where customers are picking out colors and options she works with them to help pull their design ideas together. I cannot tell you how many compliments I  get on how helpful and pleasant to talk with she is.

Most recently she has taken over the promotion and of our manufactured housing side of the business and as I expect she would, she has set the world on fire.  She understands people, the base need to have a home they can call their own and the challenges of making that happen.  Meticulous and understanding, she will not just tell someone what they want to hear, but will guide them to a better understanding.  Yes, this is new ground for her so she may say, “I am not sure about that”, then hound me until she can provide and answer.

A hard working single mother with a commitment to providing for her family I think you will see where her passion for success comes from and benefit from any interaction you will have with her.


Meet Dan,

If you have read through this website you have heard me say over and over again, this business is not about the name out front or the manufactures we work with, it is about people.  People who are only interested in doing things the right way and care about their work. Dan has been in the construction business since high school and is one of those guys that is not a framer, not an electrician, not a plumber, not a drywaller, he just knows how to do everything.  More important e is meticulous about everything.  As a company he makes us look good every day.  Dan has worked with us for as many years as we have been around and the reputation of MH Imperial Homes is a much a product of his hard work as anything the leadership does every day.  Their are no projects that do not have his finger prints all over them and he is not interested in doing anything he is not proud of.


More Staff information on the rest of our team is a work in progress………………..stay tuned!!

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