Saying goodbye to “Models”

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Perhaps the worst idea in this industry was the “Lot Model” house.  You talk about your long failed experiment.  Time to say goodbye.

“I can’t buy a house unless I can see it, I need to see stuff to know what I am getting”.

“I am very visual” I need to see it first.  Yes we hear this all the time. Hogwash!!

The days when people in my industry had a limited offering are long gone.  Look at the homes on our website.  We have done everything from $150,000 homes to $950,000 and filled every gap between them.  As a general rule if you have seen it in a house before the answer is yes you can have it in your house. Now, how do I show you that on a lot with 5 models?

I want to see the quality of the houses you build.  Well you will never see that in a lot model.  Do you know the zoning code does not allow me to set house on foundations.  They are models for resale only and cannot be permanently installed.  Oh and they do not have heat in them.  So now, they are subjected to all of the elements.  That is not good for houses.  Frost heaves, hot, cold, condensation etc.

Second, what most people look at in models is the fit and finish. The “Quality” of the construction is behind the walls, under the floor and above the ceiling.  What you are looking at inside the house is fit and finish choices that were made.  Want better products, we can use those in your house.

I had someone call the other day and ask if we had any 4 bedroom houses.  Of course we can build that.  Do you have any on display so I can see if I like it?  Um, no! And if I did and it was contemporary and you were looking for a rustic house does that mean I need to have a rustic 4 bedroom too?  What about a Craftsman style? English Tudor? Farmhouse? Log Home?  The reality is we have and can do any of these and I can show you electronically or draw yours and create 3D renderings of exactly the way it would look.  But trying to show the breath of the product line in models would mean I would need to make an additional 25% on every house.  Who want’s to pay more?

So yes, we have realized the error of our ways and we are fixing it.  Wanna buy a lot model? Going fast!!

All that said, come in and see us and we can actually help you, visualize, create and design your house, the way you want it,  this industry is really pretty amazing today.  Oh yeah! and we can build it better, faster, and often for less money.

Hope to see you soon.

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