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The Pragmatist approach

Posted On: February 1, 2017 | Posted In:

I am a Pragmatist.  Sadly, that means I assume everyone is like me, which could not be more wrong. I go not buy out of emotions of any kind, I do not fall in love with things and have to have them, ever.  When I buy a pack of gum I am looking at how many pieces you get for what cost and is it any good.

If everyone were like me, then car dealers would not insist you go and drive the car while they look at valuing your trade.  The whole idea behind this sales technique is to get you to fall in love.  Who does not love the smell and feel and gadgets in a shiny new car.  Every car dealer knows that you will pay more for a car if you “have to have it”, so take the keys, go for a spin and we will crunch the numbers.

I love technology and new inventions, but I have a soft spot for tried and true.  Everything that goes into the construction of your house is your choice. I will build it out of Bamboo and super glue if that is the house you really want.  But I promise to advise you against it first.

Shinny new building product and techniques come out every day.  Some of them prove to be revolutionary but many are not.  Some of the products that are changing the industry in the south do not translate to the north.  Terracotta tile roofs are big in the south, but they do not stand up to snow conditions.  Panelized construction is huge in the inner city where labor rates are very high and labor is in short supply, but most of them are built in the north so they do not make a lot of sense to build ship in lift in your own back yard.

HGTV has made all of this really clear. People watch these hour long sales pitches on new product and techniques and then get frustrated when we advise against what they have been sold on.  But the conditions where you are building may be very different then where the TV project was.

The goal is to get you the best product, we will advise as best we can but in the end it is your house.

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