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One question I have daily that is really hard to get people past is “what comes standard with your houses”?

I understand the intent of the question, to simply rule out anyone who’s “standard” does not meet your expectations.

The hard part is when you tell them there is not “standard”, you can almost see their brain spin.  Partially because nothing else in the world is purchased this way and most of the others in my industry love to promote standard.  I guess the simple answer is building code minimum.  That address, walls construction, insulation values, etc. But what about appliances?

Well again that becomes a question of what you want.  Do you need them? then the house will come with them, do you have your own? then we will change the standard to not have them.

The manufactures play a role in this also.  This is from Ritz Craft (a manufacture I use) and it is the standard specifications for construction for a series of plans they market.

Benchmark homes Standard Specifications

It’s pretty cool to.  But if I order one of these houses the first thing they ask is where is it going.  Within my own county the “standard” is different between northern and southern in that one requires a 50 lbs snow load and the other a 60 lbs snow load.  Throw in that this manufacture is in PA and they ship houses from VA to ME where wind loads, snow loads, climate zone etc are infinitely different and “standard” kind of goes out the window.  Oh and don’t even get me started on windows.

The simple answer is you get what you want.  End of story, there is not standard, a price when you get it will have a detail that goes with it and defines the construction and tools in the house as priced.


There I just saved you a ton of head aches.

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