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I have no idea how I ever survived as a site builder, a typical project would take 6-9 mos to complete and no one ever cared.

I just finished a house 11 weeks from the day we received the building permit and every day, my customers called and said, what are we doing today? when will we be done?

Modular construction is very different from site built.  Things happen in small chunks in site building which I think builds an understand that this will take a while.  As a modular builder, there is the start, Excavation and foundation done in the first couple of weeks, then we wait for the house………… house shows up and a day later it is there, so close!!! but not ready yet.  What happens after that is the part the freaks people out.

Day after day they drive by and most of the time no one is there.  Yikes!!! Hey!!! Hello!!! I want my house done today why are there not 10 guys there?

No we do not leave the house but once we are set there are a lot of little pieces that take a couple hours and one needs to be done before the next.  So, yes, depending on what time you stop by there might not be anyone there.


The house gets set and the electrician must show up to install the entrance wire and set the meter pan, tomorrow someone can inspect that and call it in to national grid, who then has 5 days to connect the service. During that time the Heating guys stopped by one day to layout the duct work and go back to the shop to build the tin, so that once the power is connected they can install the heating system then we can call or propane, those guys need to be able to fire and appliance before the will connect so no sense calling in advance, they will not come. All of this so that we can get heat on so that we can do the drywall.  Then each day it will take about 3 hours each day to coat it then leave to let it dry, three coats of mud then two coats of paint which really needs to be done before trim, doors hung and flooring completed……………..Wow that is a long story. And if you are standing there watching, waiting for something to happen it seems like this is taken forever.


The funny thing, I get non homeowners in here every day telling me about some job site of mine they drove by and boom there was a house there.  Never seen one built so fast.


I tell every customer the same thing, A typical house takes about 3 months to completion, a very acceptable time frame before we start the project, and we pretty much always hit that time frame. But you would never know it to listen to my morning phone calls.


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is looking forward to a great Holiday Season

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