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Ok this is a little off topic I know, but I got an Iphone 6 because my 4 died, and I read quit a bit about them first and have not found much of the information out there to be relevant to people who use the phone the way I do.  Phone first, toy second.

The Good

1. I unplug it at 4:30 in the morning, use it all day and it still has battery life at 9 o’clock at night when I plug it back in

2. It is bigger so using it for internet browsing and looking at e-mail files is much better

3. the change over from my old phone took 2 minutes with the cloud loading the phone with all my info, apps, password everything as soon as I put in my cloud password sitting next to my computer

4. there are some little tips that are available on your home screen that are convenient to know

5. the camera is a little better then my I phone 4 was

6. the I cloud functions work much better and more consistently then my old one (uploading pictures I took, calendar and contacts etc.)

7. the learning curve was non-existent as it is essentially the same functions run the same way

8. There are some small changes in the operating system that work well, nothing major though

9. I love the thumb print recognition feature as it allows me to lock my phone without having to punch in a code every time to get in


The Bad

1. As a phone I use one handed in my vehicle everyday it is to big, there are buttons you cannot even reach

2. It is to big for a minimalist to carry and the only pocket it fits well in is the back pocket which is scary because word it is you sit on it it will bend then the glass will break

3. I had to get a case mostly because it is slippery to hold without one which makes it even bigger

4. Did I mention it is to big, functions like that back button are out of reach unless you double tap the home button so it is meant for two hand browsing

5. I am a runner and spend a lot of time at the gym and it is to big to carry comfortably for either one of those (I think I will get and iPod for music but mostly use streaming services)

6. I had to change the order of my favorites in phone numbers because the people I call most often were at the top and now are out of one hand reach

Summary: I guess most of my complaints are related to size and all of the best technologies out there are all bigger. If I had paid for this phone I would be disappointed that it was not significantly better then what I had, it is basically the same phone in every way.  The things I did not like about my old phone I don’t like about this one.  I wish there were period and comma’s on the main typing page, I wish the programs closed when you hit the home button, I wish the talk to text features worked better to avoid texting while driving, I wish I saw where they fixed common complaints. They did not.  That said I still find the I phone more practical for the way I use it then any other a phone for my business then any of the others I have used in the past.  So it is not bad, but it is not great either.

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