Balloons or Flags which do you prefer?…..how about a hot dog?

Posted On: August 11, 2014 | Posted In:

I am mistafied by this marketing technique but it is big, really big.  I guess I understand if your having an event, open house, give a ways then putting things up to catch traffics attention makes a lot of sense.  For years it was balloon, hang them on the antenna of the car, or off the roof of a home.  The flats are the new thing.  10′ tall flags that wave like a rotten banana at the side of the road. Am I missing the boat here?  Are there people who see them, feel compelled to stop and end up buying a home they were not intending to by because of the power of these flags.  Free hot dogs are big too.  One of our area dealers sets up a barbeque every couple of weekends and puts out a sign saying free hot dogs and hamburgers. Will you spend $150,000 dollars with me if I give you a free hot dog?  As a consumer I find these games insulting.  I am more prone to refuse to patronize places that employ such tactics because all I can muster is, “man they must think I am an idiot”.  For everyone from a customer purchasing a single wide manufactured home to someone we are building a million dollar dream for this is likely the biggest purchase they will ever make.  Wouldn’t you prefer a little respect from the company you are making that investment with?

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