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I believe most people essentially decide what they want to hear and then go out looking for the guy who will them them that.  I stumbled across another modular builders web site, and I am always curious so I read through some of it. Now, I should say, I believe in what we do here and how we do it, but I like to challenge my own thinking some times.  There have been more then a few times that customers have come through my door and been annoyed but my message of be careful!! look out for!! and, you need to know there are other real cost information.  These people have already convinced themselves they were are out to stick it to them and they just want someone to say that to them.  So here is the good news, I found them for you.

This is an excerpt from their website, I do not think they will mind me promoting their business for them. “. Get some ideas and then get prices. We’ll then be happy to quote any plan you’re interested in at factory direct costing. You’ll then see the huge difference. A special note…. Be careful of anyone who is offering to “do it all” for you and won’t let you see the breakdown. When someone offers to package anything, or everything (house, set, excavation, finishing, etc) they’re hiding from you what each item has been marked up. You’ll be lured with “the ease of it all” and “just move in”, but the ease of it all comes with a huge price that you will be paying for over the next thirty years”.  This is exactly what some people want to hear.

Now they can validate this with super low prices that exclude everything you don’t know to ask about and look like they are true to their word when compared to a builder who does the entire project.  However, I have heard hundreds of horror stories from the families who did this over the years and came up short on dollars and some never even got the house finished before they went bankrupt. The appearance of a deal is not always a deal.

This is exactly the type of sales that has repressed the modular homes industry from being the known quality built homes they should be known as. Everyone one who has ever held a hammer feels they can be a builder, but trust me even after 25 years, it is just not that easy.

You really have to read the whole thing it is very compelling, “many of their projects are run by wives while the husband is at work”, it is that easy????


I accept that I am not always right and I believe there is more than one way to do anything so I am not saying this is wrong, but I would not want to drive a car if the manufacture just shipped me the parts and left me to put it together, and I think a house is a much bigger investment so I know this would not be for me

If your asking me to shoot myself in the foot…..left or right

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These blog post often stem from conversations I find myself having over and over again with customers, so they are common questions or concerns.

I get the instinct to shop around and make sure your getting a good deal, I do it to.  That said shopping for a house is not the simple.  I watch people get frustrated when they come in and ask, how much is it going to cost me to build a 3 bedroom two bath ranch on a piece of land in ……… and I refuse to give them an answer.  Because I can’t be honest and answer the question at the same time.  I can only shoot myself in the foot.

Right foot….. I shoot a little low, give them best case scenario, small lot, no trees, city water, city sewer, sandy soil, cheap heating system, crawl space, 5/12 roof pitch 1000 sq’ home, on the lowest priced piece of land I have seen in three years.  They get excited, then we start to fill in some details. Not that town, 2 acres minimum, no neighbors, on site water and septic because it is not in the city limits, they need at least 1500 sq’ and of course want a full basement and need a 2 car garage.  As each blank gets filled in the price goes up, and with each increase they think I was completely dishonest, was playing games with them with my first number and there is not trust which means there is no way they would ever use me as a builder.

Left Foot……. I though out a conservative number, one I know I can do in current market conditions with all of the things most customers want (not that any two people want the same things) at which point they walk out the door discouraged that I am way to expensive, the guy down the street gave them a much lower price, and there is no way they would ever use me as a builder.

Or I can just shoot myself in the Nu!$ and not give them an answer to the question they have asked.

Yes this can be frustrating, but I have actually learned that this simple explanation helps people understand.  I thought it was worth sharing.  They guy you need to be afraid of is the guy that actually gives you a number.

The good news……we can answer your question, it may take 30 minutes not 30 seconds but trust me we will both be in a better place for it.  I hate getting shot.


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