What is a Hudular

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Most people become familiar with the two basic types of homes when they do some poking around in our industry.  Though the language can become complicated to sort through, trailer, manufactured home, modular, system built, mobile home, etc. there are really two types of houses based on the building code.  Houses built to the HUD building code (trailers, manufactured homes, mobile homes) and houses built to the residential building code (modular, system built or stick built houses).  So what on earth is a HUDULAR.


Mostly and industry term, however it is starting to pop up everywhere now. Essentially it is a modular home (a home built to the residential building code) by a mobile homes manufacture that may or may not come off the frame at the time of construction.


Why does it matter, it doesn’t….. as long as your expectations are low.  The mobile home manufactures have continuously been improving the quality and detail in there product lines so much so that many of the Mobile homes you walk into look very much the same as modular homes.  That said, the industry is built around affordable housing, and all of the best practices in the plants are based around finding incremental cost savings.  So instead of Pine trim painted white it is paper wrapped MDF, does the drywall get two coats or three, the construction standards and expectations are lower, how tight do the corners need to be, how well does it have to fit, are the cabinets a quality product etc.  These are just different mind sets then what you find in a modular manufacture.  To be clear, I offer both, the goal is to fulfill every customers needs whether they are cost or quality, but it needs to be clear in the things you cannot see there is a significant difference.


A little homework will help you understand what you are looking at, companies like Titan and Champion, Colony and Commodore that are predominately Mobile home manufactures will build you a home to the residential building code, but do not mistake it as a modular home even if it says it is.  Its a HUDULAR.

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