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We have all had the experience at one time, where you went to a store based on an advertisement only to find out it was really, really misleading. I remember my first time.  I was maybe 20 and looking for a new car, Jeep was offering a deal to buy a new Grand Cherokee for $199/mnth with no money down followed by a bunch of words said so fast you could not understand them. When I went in to inquire, as you would expect there was no such deal and a lot a number manipulation to explain why I could not get this deal.  I walked out feeling violated and even a little stupid.  Truth is I was, I had shopped and I knew better. I have always been guarded against the “to good to be true deals” since then and feel insulted when I hear such advertising.  The business is essentially saying they think you are stupid, but they want you to come in the door to inquire then they will sell you something else and you will not even realize you have been duped. No thanks, I will pass.


I often go to open house of new construction being offered in the area just to see what other builders are doing.  The sign out front said, prices Starting at $209,000, Oh this should be fun to get them to explain.  The model that was open was $379,000. How dumb to they think I am? I grilled the salesman there, and of course he did not have a plan of specifications for the $209,000 priced model.  The lowest unit he had information on was 1100 sq’ model for $279,000. Now I am not a buyer but if I was I would have walked away on principle.  I hate it when someone creates a marketing plan that implies I am an idiot, so dumb that they can bait me in with ridiculous pricing and then push me into something completely different.  Essentially they have started our relationship by insulting me. No Thanks!!!






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