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Change = Opportunities

We are changing the configuration of our lot and need to move a couple of our model homes. So we are doing something we never do.

Clearance Sale –

These pricing are for the houses sitting on our lot as they sit. Buyers would be responsible for the hiring of an approved set crew to dismantle and relocate the houses.  All cost associated with this is not included.

Both homes are currently on original frames to no crane cost required for disassembly.

1200 sq’ Executive Ranch is only $89,500 with tons of upgrades as seen without furnishings. 3 bedroom 2 bath

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1375 sq’ on Frame Modular home with full attic $79,500 exactly as seen without furnishings. This house is complete with Heating system and H/W tank in and A/C coil and condensing unit. 3 bedroom 2 bath


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Forest Park Queensbury and Birch Meadows Saratoga Springs:

Exit 18 off I87 and Exit 16 off I87




Birch Meadows Map

Forest Park Map






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